Model no:258

Separation Tank and Power Unit can be mounted separately from each other

Ideal for Large Homes and Commercial Establishments, Hotels and Retail Shops

Rustproof, weatherproof, shockproof, fire retardant & ABS Lustran

Larger debris is contained in a mesh screen while the liquids automatically drain.

Drains directly into the sewer system

No bag to empty, no tank to drain; operation is Fully Automatic!

The cyclonic separator and cold water spray separate the water, foam and debris from the air flow without restrictive filters

Cold water with shut-off. Hot water (up to 80°C) with shut-off. Connect directly to water outlets or to optional cleaning solution injector

Centralized Vacuum Cleaner - Technoplus model 258
Wet & Dry
Auto Flush
Twin motor.
Fully Auto
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