List of Features:

  • Inventory check
  • Bill Payments
  • Regular property inspection
  • Bimonthly property reports
  • Property Evaluation
  • Exit Inventory check
  • Periodical property updates
  • Rental value determination
  • Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Free Rental Listings
  • Social Media promotions
  • Tenant Screening and Management
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Professional Property Management Services : Keeping Your Investment in Top Condition.

Our company is excited to announce our new service – Property Management. With years of experience in home renovation, we have gained valuable knowledge about how to keep properties in great condition. We are now thrilled to share this knowledge with property owners who are looking to keep their properties in top shape.

At our core, we understand that owning a property can be a challenging responsibility – one that requires time, energy, and resources to maintain. That’s why we’re here to help. Our Property Management services will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is being expertly taken care of. With our home renovation experience, we have learned the ins-and-outs of properties – from understanding what materials are best for each project to knowing how to create the most efficient home layout. We’ll use this knowledge to manage your property and minimize costly repairs, protecting your investment.

Comprehensive property management services, including tenant relationship management, lease agreements, and rent collection.

Dedicated team of professionals ensuring your property is managed to your standards.

Regular updates and reports to keep you informed about your property's status.

Freeing up your time for other important matters while we handle day-to-day tasks.

A full range of services for homeowners, property investors, and landlords, providing peace of mind for your investment.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Property Management services can help you.

property Management Service:

  • Periodic property inspections conducted by experts.
  • Regular updates provided on renovations.
  • In-house team for repairs and renovations.
  • Gardening maintenance services included.
  • Comprehensive inspections covering electrical, plumbing, appliances, doors and windows, water seepage, etc., with consolidated reports.
  • Rent collection from tenants (if required by the landlord).
  • Management of association-related payments, property tax, water tax, and electricity bills with landlord's consent.
  • Plot monitoring to prevent encroachments.
  • Effective monitoring of repairs and renovations by our project management team at no additional cost.

Plot Monitoring and Drone Survey:

Plot monitoring and drone survey

Protecting your property from encroachments is essential. Our team performs regular plot monitoring to ensure that your property boundaries are intact. In addition, we offer a drone survey service to provide digital reports and visual evidence, further safeguarding your property.

Upcoming features to clients:

Customer relationship management Application with personalized dashboard will be provided to clients for one touch tracking of their property management services reminders, photos and videos update, visit reminders, approvals, repair and renovation update stagewise, renewal reminders.

We conduct periodic inspections of your property to ensure its optimal condition. The frequency of inspections can be customized based on your requirements, but typically we recommend regular visits throughout the year. Our inspections cover a comprehensive checklist, including electrical systems, plumbing, appliances, doors and windows, and water seepage. We provide you with consolidated reports detailing the findings, giving you a clear understanding of the property's condition.
Absolutely! Our in-house team of professionals is equipped to handle repairs and renovations for your property. Our project management team closely monitors all repair and renovation works without any additional cost to you. We ensure that the work is executed efficiently and up to the highest quality standards. You can trust us to manage the entire process, saving you time and effort.
Yes, we provide comprehensive financial services as part of our property management package. We handle association-related payments, property tax, water tax, and electricity bills on your behalf, with your consent as the landlord. Our team ensures that all payments are managed promptly and accurately, relieving you of the administrative burden. Additionally, if needed, we can also handle rent collection from tenants, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you.
The frequency of inspections depends on the hardness of your water and the age of your plumbing system. Regular inspections by a qualified plumber are recommended to identify and address any emerging salt sedimentation issues.
The key legal documents include lease agreements, rental applications, move-in/move-out inspection checklists, and any required addendums or disclosures specific to your location's laws.

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